2017 Tentative Drumline Audition Information and Music

Anyone needing further information or help with the audition music may contact the Assistant Director/Drumline Instructor.

Nick Meyers 706-627-0754, nicholaus.meyers@vcsu.edu

Auditions for the NDSU GSMB Drumline will take place on the morning of Saturday August 12th, 2017 at 9 am and will go to 5 pm. This is the date that you need to attend if you are interested in auditioning for the GSMB Drumline. The camp for the Drumline will continue through Sunday August 14th with the same schedule as Saturday. Please send us an email if you plan on auditioning for the drumline!

August 12th: 9 am to 5 pm, Lunch and dorm check in will be from 12 until 2 and will be on your own. There are several places around campus to eat or you can bring your own lunch. For more information regarding dorm check in, visit the GSMB homepage

August 13th: 9 am to 5 pm, Lunch will be from 12 until 1 and will be on your own. There are several places around campus to eat or you can bring your own lunch.

Starting August 14th, the general marching band camp will begin and run throughout the week. A schedule for this can be found on the GSMB homepage

What you will need:

1. Earplugs: Are required to perform in the Drumline. If you forget them, you must purchase a pair from us. You will not be allowed to audition or perform with the Drumline without earplugs.

2. Sticks: If you are auditioning for snare or tenors you should plan on bringing your own sticks. If you don't have any you may purchase a pair from us. We use the Vic-Firth Ralph Hardimon snare sticks with a wood tip and Vic-Firth tenor sticks for tenors. The price for a pair of sticks ranges from $5.00 to $8.00 per pair. If you are auditioning for bass drum or pit you do not need to bring or purchase any mallets or sticks. We will supply them.

3. A valid email address to receive music and information.

4. Tennis Shoes for Marching - NO FLIP FLOPS

5. See pdf “Music for Audition” in regards to what to prepare. . Many students put their music in a three ring binder in the clear pages. This will be very helpful throughout the year.

6. If auditioning for the Frontline - be prepared to demonstrate all major scales. Four-mallet technique is not required for Frontline Auditions

7. Marching snare auditions will be held with traditional grip (not matched grip).

8. Practice Pad - this is a must for students wanting to try out for the batter. If you are chosen for snare, tenor, or bass it is mandatory that you have your practice pad with you at all times.

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