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GSMB Health and Safety Statement - Fall 2021

The following guidelines are intended to provide health and safety policies and practices for the GSMB in Fall 2021.

We must understand that the health and safety situation here at NDSU, in Fargo, North Dakota, the US and the globe changes daily. We must be willing and able to quickly adapt to new threats if and as they arise.

Within these guidelines, we have attempted to follow currently accepted scientific research results, CDC recommendations, NDSU/CSoM recommendations and policies of state and local governments. We have developed these policies based on the best information science has thus far provided. We ask and require that for you and your fellow students' well-being, band members must adhere to these guidelines. These guidelines will also be included in the course syllabus.


Covid 19 vaccines have been scientifically proven to be the most effective current deterrent to the spread of Covid and the Delta Variant. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL students in the band who have not yet been vaccinated against Covid (and the Delta Variant) to get vaccinated and to do so as soon as possible. Faculty and Staff in the band will support all efforts to encourage band members to get vaccinated - including excused time away from rehearsals (for getting the shot and any time needed to rest after getting the shot). This will include hosting university Student Health Center "pop up" clinics offering vaccine shots. The staff understands that there may be objections to getting a vaccine based on sincere religious belief or for certain health issues.

(From the CDC Website regarding vaccine effectiveness - 08/11/2021):

  • COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective at preventing COVID-19, including severe illness and death
  • COVID-19 vaccines are effective against severe disease and death from variants of the virus that causes COVID-19 currently circulating in the United States, including the Delta variant
  • Infections happen in only a small proportion of people who are fully vaccinated, even with the Delta variant. When these infections occur among vaccinated people, they tend to be mild.
  • If you are fully vaccinated and become infected with the Delta variant, you can spread the virus to others
  • People with weakened immune systems, including people who take immunosuppressive medications, may not be protected even if fully vaccinated

Masks Required Inside- Not Required Outside:

The Challey School of Music is currently developing masking policies for activities (rehearsals, classes, performances) held inside Reineke Fine Arts Center. While we wait for more formal guidelines from the CSoM administration and further instructions from the NDSU and ND administrations - the GSMB directors and staff are requiring band members inside the music building to always wear masks.

At this point in our season preparations, masks will not be required to be worn by either vaccinated or unvaccinated band members during outside rehearsals.

Please not that this could change if the Delta Variant situation on campus causes a policy change.

Any band member who chooses to wear a mask at any time and in any situation should feel comfortable to do so (performances included) without concerns or questions - on the practice field or in any type of performance.

The band is again ordering "performance masks" for the semester.

Currently there is no bell covering requirement for wind instruments.

Social Distancing:

We ask that everyone be respectful of individual levels of comfort and safety. There is no hard and fast social distance requirements at this time - but common sense needs to prevail. Leadership will be cautious, and I ask you to be aware of your surroundings during activities such as ladder talks as well as other "close quarters" situations during band.

General Safety Practices and Student Recourse:

Leadership (faculty, staff, and students) will all strive to keep band member's safety and health in mind throughout the season. We will be required to listen to and work together with band members to solve issues and health and safety concerns brought to our attention.

If any band member feels their health and safety concerns are not being taken seriously - the student is encouraged (indeed responsible) to bring those concerns to leadership immediately. Section Leaders, Officers, Drum Majors, Graduate and Professional Staff and the Directors of the GSMB are all charged with keeping the health and safety and peace of mind of band members in the forefront of efforts to have a fun and memorable season this Fall.

Attendance and Absences:

If a student does not feel well before or during a rehearsal or performance - the student is asked to either stay home or will be allowed to leave rehearsal/performance without penalty.

The student will be required to notify their section leader and band staff or directors if this illness occurs during a rehearsal or performance. The student will be required to fill out an Absence Form on this website (linked). Communication between the student and leadership (within the bounds of confidentiality and privacy) is essential to prevent misunderstanding regarding missed rehearsals and performances - especially multiple absences. Please notify and talk to section leaders and staff/faculty.

The course syllabus will reflect this policy for Fall 2021.

Any questions regarding this statement can be brought to GSMB director Sigurd Johnson (

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