All incoming GSMB Members, please be sure to check over all the announcements on this page.


Hey Band.

Its Wednesday August 12th here in Fargo.

Just a check in to remind you of things to be looking for over the next day or two.

We'll be posting the list of people who will be moving in the their campus housing and the day we you have hopefully let us know it will be.

We'll also be posting a"reminder list" of things you will want to bring with you to school that you will want for band:

Things like long khaki pants, closed toe athletic/tennis shoes/sunscreen/water bottle/your instrument (if not a school marching horn). This is not an exhaustive list - but these are the essentials.

I've had a couple of questions:

  1. Any specific khaki pants? No - try to get light color ones. Also remember you can also have khaki shorts for more informal gigs.
  2. What about roll step shoes? You can either get them yourself before you come to campus - or wait until you get here. We won't be using them until we wear our full formal GSMB uniform - and that is uncertain at this point.
  3. What is this polo you talk about? First year band members should have filled out your polo size and model (male/female) on our information forms on the website. We will have your polos here on campus for you. The cost is $25.
  4. Will you have other cool band gear for us to purchase? Yes - we will - you will hear about it when you get here.
  5. Can you go over the check in information again? Yes - but not here - this is getting to long already - look for a separate memo coming soon!


8/8/20 Important Announcement:

Hi Everyone.

I'm not sure how much everyone knows the latest in the situation regarding the fall and our football season. I know you know some if not all or most of it. But in case the plan right now is to move the majority of the season to the spring including playoffs and a championship game. All of that sounds like it would begin mid-March and end around Memorial Day.

Our team is still trying to schedule 2-3 games this fall preferably in the dome. That is still TBD. All of the talk of spring football is very much TBD as well.

So what does that mean for the GSMB. After much thought and much taking and weighing possibilities against risks and benefits and everything this is what our plan for the fall is going to be.

We will not have band camp at all this year.

I discussed this extensively with staff yesterday and then this morning with Dr. Miller and it was decided that as much as we love camp and yes it is important for learning and bonding and getting new students settled and returning students reestablished  all of that when compared to the risks of bringing 150 students back a week early I'm afraid it isn't worth that risk. It does not feel like a responsible thing to do in a pandemic world. I'm sorry for those disappointed in this decision.

As for those wondering about moving in early and what no camp means I'm pasting in a message from Jason Medders from housing I received from him this morning in response to my questions about that:  

"Honestly, since we've prepped the early arrival stuff, it's not a problem for people to still show up as originally planned on that Sunday or Wednesday. It would help maintain the"spread out" of moving in.

If people want to wait and move in on August 20, 21, or 22, when the general student population is moving in, that's fine. Ideally, they'd schedule an arrival date and time using the SignUpGenius links from our website.  At this point, most time slots have probably been filled, but I'll likely end up adding more slots when I'm back in the office on Monday.

In summary, then:

Want to show up on Sunday/Wednesday as originally planned? Do that.

Want to wait and move in on August 20, 21, or 22 instead? Pick a time slot online and schedule accordingly.

One more group, I guess: Already dropped off items this past week? No need to sign up for anything. Just come on Sunday or Wednesday if originally planned for that, or show up on August 22 if you'd rather. Since items are already moved in, don't take a time slot online from someone who needs it. Whether you come Sun, Wed, or 22 is up to you. Your stuff's already in your room."

Fall semester continuing:

We will be having the GSMB continue this fall as a class. We will have our first meeting on Monday August 24th at 4:00 P.M.

We have a long list of musical and marching skills to work on. We have music to learn and perfect.We want to be a safe and welcoming family still so I will be asking you, and the rest of the leadership and TBS to be thinking of ways we can continue to be a social organization this fall and keep creating the friendships and the bonds that happen every year in band. It will be different this year  but we can make it work still if we use creativity and imagination and enthusiasm!

We will be ready to perform this fall at any home games if they are scheduled. We will also look for other opportunities to perform in the community HS games in ND other pep band gigs etc. Also please be thinking about finding these opportunities. We are also looking at doing some things like working on some video and recording activities to help build our base and to help with recruiting for the future.

This spring:

If the team is successful in having a season this spring  the plan is to have a volunteer band perform at games. I honestly don't know what the format in the dome would look like  athletics doesn't know that either - nor do they for this fall. But our work this fall will help us be ready for performing in the spring for those who are interested in doing so.  No one would be required to be at the games. I'm hoping that the excitement of being able to play for Bison Football again would draw band members to games.

So that is the way things look. This is all brand new territory for everyone.

I would like to schedule a Zoom meeting for the band and their parents for Monday Evening at 7:00 P.M. We will record this so if you cant make it we will have a link for you. This will be a general information meeting. We will post an invitation to it on Monday.


Thanks everyone.



Refer to this list for things to know about the upcoming season and school year:

GSMB Uniform - What you Need to Know and Bring:

Hot Weather Uniform (months of August/September for sure).


Long pair light color Khaki Pants for Games and formal hot weather performances

Closed Toe Athletic Shoes (any color is ok tennis shoe setc)

Optional Khaki shorts for less formal and pep band gigs

Multiple re-fillable waterbottles.

*Green Band Polo


Baseball Cap

Full Band Uniform - To Be Determined

* If you are a new member to the band you need to make sure you have filled out the form on the website giving us your shirt size and style (mens vs womens cut). We will order your band polo for you and you will get it when you get to campus. Band Polos Should cost $25 (but I havent gotten the final price from our supplier yet).  

The following links will help answer about protocol for this coming semester as well as some important details for starting the semester:

Pre Check form - Make sure you have filled this out!

The meal rates would be the regular cash rates until your meal plan begins Thursday august 20th:

Breakfast - $8.00

Lunch - $10.00

Dinner - $10.00

Covid Protocol

For those of you moving in any other day than our official GSMB move-in days (Saturday and Wednesday) visit the link below:

These two lists show who indicated who will be moving in on Sunday the 16th or Wednesday the 19th. If you would like to change that day to prevent possible move-in issues, please fill out the 2020 Marching Band Pre Check-In Form below with updated information.


COVID-19 Testing Announcement from the Director of the Gold Star Marching Band on August 6, 2020:

Hey Band.

This is for your information. Please share with your parents as well.

NDSU does not require COVID-19 testing at this point to move onto campus and being activities.

NDSU does however strongly encourage testing before classes begin or as soon as possible when you get to campus.

As you can see from this post below - testing is going on now in locations around North Dakota and will continue for the next couple of weeks.

If you're from out of state - I encourage you to check locally about testing in your region. It also states that even if you are not a North Dakota resident - you can test in North Dakota for free.

If you notice - testing in Fargo will begin on Tuesday, August 18th and continue through Sunday, August 23rd - during band camp.

Anyone in band can go at any time during camp to be tested if you choose to do so. You will not be "penalized" at all or discouraged from doing this. If you are able to make this happen when we are not rehearsing - fine! But please understand - you do what you need to do whenever it works for you. Just make sure that you inform your leadership/staff/Me - so we know what you're doing and where you've gone.




8/3/20 - All 2020 GSMB Members must fill out this form to ensure a quick and easy move-in/check-in process:

Please make sure this you have already filled out this form at the following button if you are going to be a member of the 2020 GSMB. This form may look similar to previous forms, however it asks very important information regarding move-in and housing. Regardless of if you are living on campus or not, this is a form we need you to fill out. Please give it a look over and make sure you have sent this form in to us! Thanks!