Update on Band Camp 2020 from the Director of the Gold Star Marching Band on July 8, 2020:

Band Camp 2020

This is Long and Very Important.

Please read it all.

Changes in Camp Dates: Sunday August 16th (Leadership/Color Guard/Drumline)

                                             Wednesday August 19th (Rest of Band - WWs and Brass)

Dear Band Members and Parents.

I hope you are well.

We're in a weird pattern here - like many bands around the country - trying to figure out what we can do this fall and what they'll let us do - and how can we do it safely and effectively - and how you band members can have a great experience.


Band Camp and On Campus Residence Check In:

One of the things we have decided that we need to do this year due to the ongoing pandemic - is to shorten our band camp.

We now plan on Leadership/Color Guard/Drumline checking in on:

Sunday August 16th from 1:00-5:00 PM at Festival Concert Hall (FCH).

You will be doing your GSMB check in at this time. Residence Life will also be at this check in - so you will be getting your ID's and access to your dorms for the rest of the week and semester.

The rest of the band (Winds and Brass) will check in on:

Wednesday August 19th starting 11:00-3:00 PM.

If you are a Wind or Brass player in the band - and if you have moved your stuff in to your dorm during the Early Drop off week of Aug 3-7* (see below) you will still need to go to Memorial Union (MU) to pick up your ID.

If you haven't moved your dorm stuff during Aug 3-7 - you still need to go first to Memorial Union and complete your housing forms at this time - you will also get your ID at this time.

After this - Everyone will need to go to FCH to finish checking in with the GSMB at Festival Concert Hall (FCH) before 5:00 PM.

Color Guard and Drumline - you will be rehearsing Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday and already be fully checked in - so you can disregard these Wednesday instructions.

(We will post campus maps with the locations of FCH and the Memorial Union).

*We encourage all GSMB members who can - take advatage of NDSU's new Early Drop Off system for this year.

Early Drop Off:

Here is the Early Drop off information from the NDSU Housing website: (I've edited a few things that do not pertain to GSMB members).

Drop Off Your Things Early

From August 3 through 7, each residence hall will have specific arrival time slots for students to select for early drop off. In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, please make every effort to arrive within your selected time. Unloading and parking directions will be released in late July.

Upon arrival at the residence hall, students should proceed to the hall office to receive their room key and check-in paperwork. Buildings will be unlocked from 8 am - 5 pm, with doors propped open for ease.

During early drop off you are free to either drop your stuff and leave, or unpack your belongings completely. When you're finished, simply lock your room door and be out of the building by 5 pm. Welcome Week activities will begin on Saturday, August 22 at 4 pm.

Please note: Students in the MLLCs cannot participate in early drop off. *

The link for the Residence Life website that fully details all of this information will be below this message.

Please note the restrictions for this option.

We also know that not everyone can take advantage of this - but please try if you can.

Please note- It says on the website that band members should not schedule a time for dropping stuff off that week - However - we would like you to go ahead and schedule a time with Residence life. Our band camp changes have happened after these directions were posted last week - hence the contradicting instructions.

ID's When Checking In

REMINDER - Freshmen - who are NOT drumline or color guard (Wind and Brass Freshmen) - you WILL NOT be getting your IDs when/if you "drop off early" August 3-7 - only dropping your stuff in your dorm room and going back home.

You will get your ID's when you come to campus on Wednesday Aug 19th between 11:00 am - 3:00 pm at MU.

Upperclassmen - you have your IDs already - but if you will be coming back to campus to stay early then the Wednesday the 19th - you will need to coordinate with us and housing when you would be moving back into your dorm room during band camp week so they have you entered into the system.


Since we are shortening camp this year - Dining Services wants band members who will be eating their meals on campus during band camp to pay for each meal individually with Cash/Credit Card/Debit Card or Campus Cash. If you have purchased a meal plan for the semester - that will begin starting with the evening meal (dinner/supper) on Saturday August 22nd and continue the rest of the semester.

Please plan to have the means to pay for these at each meal taken.

Prices for the meals will be:

Breakfast - $8.00

Lunch - $10.00

Dinner - $10.00

Actions you need to take over the next few weeks:

- Can you move your dorm stuff into your room during the Early Drop Off week of August 3-7?

- If yes - schedule a time with Residence Life during that week to do so

- Keep in contact with your section leaders

- Join our members-only Facebook page

- Visit the GSMB Website Regularly (goldstarbands.org)

One more time....

Leadership/Color Guard/ Drumline plan to check in for band camp Sunday Aug 16th 1:00-5:00 pm in FCH

Winds and Brass players plan to check in Wednesday Aug 19th - first at MU 11:00 am - 3:00 pm if you need an ID still (Freshmen) then go to FCH to check in with the GSMB.

Why are we doing this?

We're doing this for a number of well thought out reasons.

The main reason and our focus for camp and for the semester is safety.

As we wait to hear how the university wants and allows us to operate the band this fall - we have come up with a number of different scenarios where we are being proactive in keeping everyone as safe as we can.

By cutting down the time we are in camp - we're thinking this allows everyone to adjust to how the band may/will be function in a more compact setting.

We have less pressure on the beginning of the season than normal this fall. Our first major performance/game is on the Saturday Sept 12th.

We have also decided that for the first two games - we will not be doing "traditional" drill for either pre-game or our halftime show. Most bands around the country are going ahead with block formations - as we are - and we're going to focus on fundamentals/Sound production/Visuals/Dance moves etc. We are planning on all kinds of activities where you will get to meet and know new people during the first couple days of camp!

And our season will be Awesome!



2020 Season Schedule


Band Camp Begins

Sunday August 16th:

Leadership/Color Guard/Drumline Check in Festival Concert Hall 1-5pm

Monday-Tuesday August 17th-18th:

Camp activities continue for CG and DL

Wednesday August 19th:

Woodwinds and Brass players Check in first at Memorial Union 11am-3pm, then at Festival Concert Hall.

Thursday-Sunday August 20th-23rd

Fundamentals/Music/Drill/Social Activities - schedule TBA

Monday August 24th:

President's Welcome - TBD

Evening classes begin - Regular semester GSMB rehearsals begin 4:00 pm

Fall Semester Tuesday 8/25 Classes Begin. Regular rehearsals begin 4:00-5:45pm M-W-F.


Saturday 9/12 Gameday vs Drake

Saturday 9/19 Gameday vs NC A&T


Note Sept 28 - Oct 4 is Homecoming Week.

There will be *volunteer opportunities throughout the week  mainly pep band size.  

Friday 10/2 Homecoming Parade (time TBD)

Saturday 10/3 Gameday vs ISU

Saturday 10/10 Youth in Music Exhibition Performance US Bank Stadium (time TBD)

Saturday 10/17 Gameday vs SDSU

Saturday 10/24 Gameday vs YSU


Saturday 11/7 Sounds of the Gridiron (TBD)

Saturday 11/14 Gameday vs UND


Possible Playoff Games TBD