Update from the Director of the Gold Star Marching Band on June 14, 2020:

A note to current GSMB Members/Prospective Members and Parents:

From GSMB Director Sigurd Johnson.

Hi Everyone.

I wanted to put out a note addressing the upcoming fall semester and season for the Gold Star Marching Band - with what I know at this point in mid-June.

There are plans in place for a number of different eventualities which may or may not affect the band as we head back to Fargo/Moorhead this August.

At this point we don't know exactly what the start of the fall semester will look like - but based on what NDSU is planning/hoping for - students at NDSU (and from what I have heard from Condordia and MSUM as well) will be welcomed back on campus - with a number of safety measures in place due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The GSMB is therefore planning for a full and open start to the semester and season. This means we will be having our full week band camp beginning the weekend of August 15th and 16th and running through the week - until classes begin. We then plan at this point to perform at Bison Football games and participate in our other functions as a marching band. Please see the schedule for camp and the season on this website - and look for more camp details to come soon regarding housing and meals during camp.

It is very important that everyone realizes that the GSMB will first and foremost place the safety and welfare of the band students and staff above everything else this fall. My staff and I have been working on the issues for months now - and we have a number of different scenarios in place.

The plans will include safety precautions such as:

  • Social Distancing during rehearsals and possible performances. This may include dividing the band and holding marching rehearsals in different parts of the field. More small group and sectional music rehearsals. Drill based on safe distancing.
  • Access to clean and disinfected instruments - and access to hand sanitizer at all band functions. We will encourage students to bring their own water bottles and have single use water bottles available (with recycling of course). We will work together with TBS and look at apple and other food distribution during game days and other band functions which involve food - to ensure safety and sanitary delivery.
  • Decisions on which band uniform/outfit to be at performances will be made with weather (heat especially) in mind. We may - in the warm weather games wear our polos and khaki pants instead of a full uniform.
  • We are looking into purchasing new software for the band which will eliminate the need for a plastic flip folder for music and paper charts and coordinate sheets for drill. Instead - band members will be able to download all of this on their phones. Along these lines - we are looking at ways to provide e-learning tools to help band members with drill.

These are some of the plans we either already have in place - or are looking to implement depending on the situation at the time of band camp and the start of the semester.

It is very important that both potential members and current members get in and stay in touch with their student leadership. We all know and understand that even after of a few months of the pandemic - there are so many variables and rapidly changing scenarios.

We as a staff will do our best to provide information to you all whenever we learn something new. Please keep checking email and- band students our private Facebook page- parents can join our GSMB Friends and Family page.

If any of you have questions beyond what I have talked about above - please contact me via email at sigurd.johnson@ndsu.edu  - and I will respond (be a bit patient though please).

We all have our fingers crossed for an open and healthy and awesome fall semester and season with the Gold Star Marching Band!

Take care - stay healthy and look for more information as it becomes available.


2020 Season Schedule


Band Camp Begins

Thursday-Friday 8/13 - 14 Leadership workshops (time and events TBD)

Saturday 8/15 9:00 am FCH. Drumline and Color Guard report  Audition/Rehearse/12:00pm Check in to housing

Sunday 8/16 12:00 pm Winds Check in FCH. (DL and CG rehearse - campus tours 1st years rec room party (times TBD)

Monday 8/17 8:30am Band Camp begins.

Monday-Sunday 8/17-23 Band Camp Rehearsals and Events (schedule TBD)

*Tentative Sunday 8/23 Streets Alive Performance (TBD)

Monday 8/24 Presidents Welcome (TBD). Rehearsal 4:00-5:45

Fall Semester Tuesday 8/25 Classes Begin. Regular rehearsals begin 4:00-5:45pm M-W-F.


Sunday 9/6 MN State Fair Parade - *This Event has been Cancelled*

Saturday 9/12 Gameday vs Drake

Saturday 9/19 Gameday vs NC A&T


Note Sept 28 - Oct 4 is Homecoming Week.

There will be *volunteer opportunities throughout the week  mainly pep band size.  

Friday 10/2 Homecoming Parade (time TBD)

Saturday 10/3 Gameday vs ISU

Saturday 10/10 Youth in Music Exhibition Performance US Bank Stadium (time TBD)

Saturday 10/17 Gameday vs SDSU

Saturday 10/24 Gameday vs YSU


Saturday 11/7 Sounds of the Gridiron (TBD)

Saturday 11/14 Gameday vs UND


Possible Playoff Games TBD