Jack Anderson

Band President Bass Drum Section Leader

Drumline From White Bear Lake, MN Chemistry Major 6th Year in GSMB

Hello everyone!!! My name is Jack Anderson, and I am this years president of the GSMB! I cannot wait to get to know and work with all of you this season, it's going to be so much fun! I am originally from White Bear Lake, Minnesota and came from very little marching experience. I've marched in parades before for my drumline but I had never touched field marching until I started here at NDSU!! Outside of school and the band, I enjoy baseball, football, video games, music, and knitting! Again, I cannot wait for this season of marching band to start, and I'm beyond excited to get to know all of the new members. Go Bison!

Jordan Kalvoda

Vice President Color Guard Section Leader

Color Guard From Moorhead, MN Bachelor of Fine Arts Performance Major 3rd Year in GSMB

In High School, I was in Band, Orchestra and Choir.  It started with me picking up the Upright Bass in 5th grade. I quickly turned to Band and chose the French Horn in 6th. Finally, I did Choir (but only for my Senior year of High School) and I sang Bass for it. I've unfortunately severed ties with those since my Senior year, but I'd love to pick them back up again sometime soon. I was in Marching Band when I was in high school (believe it or not), but marching with my Horn just felt a little weird. So I went to the "Try-it out" day for Color Guard and I had such a blast and kind of fell in love with it. I've been doing it ever since. I am an avid DnD player, if you get me started on talking about it I will not stop because I love it to death. I also Longboard, I started my first year at NDSU and I found it both very enjoyable and semi therapeutic at times. I unfortunately though, have already had my fair share of accidents with it... I am also apart of Alpha Tau Omega which is a Fraternity on campus. ATO is about creating leaders and strengthening the bond between members as though we are brothers. I also have a bunch of board games, my collection is currently sitting at 57 games! That is nothing in comparison to my dad's collection where it covers entire walls! I'm overall kind of a nerd in some aspects, but if you see me around don't be scared to strike up a conversation with me!

David Hutar

Treasurer Sousaphone Section Leader

Sousaphone From Cold Spring, MN Industrial Engineering and Management Major 3rd Year in GSMB

Hello, my name is David Hutar and I am going into my third year in the Gold Star Marching Band, second year as a sousaphone section leader, and first year as the band treasurer. I am also majoring in Industrial Engineering and Management. Growing up as a band directors son led me to be surrounded by music my entire life, and so joining the Gold Star Marching Band was a must once I found out about it. Since joining this band, I have made friends and memories I could not have made anywhere else and I cannot wait to make many more. Other than the marching band, I am involved with university band, pep band, and hall government. I also enjoy watching tv shows, movies, football, and playing any game with friends. If you have any questions about the GSMB, NDSU bands, engineering, or just NDSU in general, feel free to reach out to me at any time.

Joshua Framke

Secretary Mellophone Section Leader

Mellophone From Stillwater, MN Psychology/General Music Major 5th Year in GSMB

I have been in the band for 4 years, coming up on my 5th. I was a Music Ed major for 3 years and then switched to psychology. I've played the French Horn since 5th grade, and have found ways to be in a band of some sort ever since. My first marching band experience was here at NDSU and its been a fun ride ever since, which keeps bringing me back! Outside of band I love to go hiking and when time and weather permit, camping and backpacking. I also enjoy playing games, video, board, card, you name it. I also drive the famous Yellow Sub*. *Short for Subaru or Submarine, your pick. You'll also constantly hear me saying "its another day in paradise" because as far as I'm concerned, it's another day in paradise.

Katherine Kurtz

Public Relations

Color Guard From Waconia, MN Criminal Justice Major 5th year in GSMB

In High School, I was involved Marching Band, Show Choir, and Musical Theater. Here at NDSU, I am involved in the choirs, marching band (obviously), Criminal Justice Club, and Tau Beta Sigma (our band sorority on campus). I've also marched 3 seasons of Drum Corps International, one with Colt Cadets, and two with River City Rhythm.

Emily Wehri

Website Manager

Drumline From Corsica, SD Psychology Major 3rd Year in GSMB

Howdy! I come from an extremely small high school in South Dakota where I was involved in band, jazz band, and choir. While we did homecoming parades, we never did field marching. I love learning new things everyday in marching band, and pushing myself to do my best. I am the new website manager for the band, and it is so much fun! Outside of marching band, I enjoy video games and DnD, trying new restaurants in Fargo, and 3D printing small cats. Some of my favorite instruments to play include the drum set, bass guitar, and ukulele. I look forward to the upcoming season, and I'm excited to meet new members!